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Blaine Anderson + keeping it classy

blaine and sam: Title: Salty and Sweet


By: blaineandsamevanderson (SageK on ff.net, Kaitlia77 on LJ & AO3)
Paring: Blaine/Sam
Rating: R
Summary: Written For Blam Week ~ Theme Kink Day ~ What if Blaine is Sam’s guilty pleasure? Especially with caramel and fudge and all sorts of sticky sweet things…

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Anonymous asked: maybe you can write a cute young boy in his class having a crush on kindergarten teacher!Blaine and Kurt teasing him about it

Kurt realizes what’s going on a full two months before Blaine does, when he stops by during the Christmas pageant rehearsal and watches Blaine try to wrangle a group of squirmy, fidgety children dressed as barn animals into place long enough for the older students to read out their lines.

Kurt smiles the whole time, giving Blaine an encouraging wave when Blaine looks at him with pleading eyes and frazzled hair, mouthing I love you and then Save me across the auditorium to Kurt.

During the rehearsal one of the little boys dressed as a sheep keeps wandering over to where Blaine is playing piano, though, and hiding around the back of it while he stares up with wide eyes, like Blaine is the dreamiest thing he’s ever seen.

All Kurt can think is, Oh, honey, I’ve been there.

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Blaine + walking through crowds of people during musical performances

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had to be done



had to be done


blam week - day 2; episode rewrite day

Blaine goes to McKinley with Kurt to talk to Dave Karofsky about his sexuality but it ends up getting heated. Sam Evans steps in before the fight gets too serious and the two boys both find themselves infatuated with each other without even knowing each others’ names.

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